National Roma Girls’ Camp

About the program

National Roma Girls’ Camp

The National Roma Girls Camp is an initiative of ours which we decided to re-launch in 2020. We want to once again embrace the initiative of gathering and empowering the female leaders of tomorrow! In Arete Youth Foundation, we believe that empowering young and courageous Bulgarian Roma girls from all over the country is of pivotal importance!

The camp is a three–day intensive and interactive event for Roma girls between 16 and 25. The program of the camp is comprised of lectures and workshops to help develop skills and confidence for social and educational achievement among young Roma women. The girls have the opportunity to interact with female role models in the community, learn social and leadership skills, and attend lectures on women’s issues.

The topics discussed during the camp are the challenges faced by the Roma women, violence, human trafficking, the prevention of early marriages, and discrimination. Other topics during the camp are the educational opportunities which the girls have, setting goals, and achieving them as well as resisting both parent and peer pressure.

By implementing the fifth NRGC, Arete Youth Foundation will enlarge its community of dedicated ambassadors to Arete’s mission and Roma empowerment. The participants will be part of our future mentors, volunteers, community leaders, and role models.

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