Areté Youth was founded by current and former development workers in 2005. Since inception, we have been joined by an inspired group of Bulgarians and Roma who share our passion for building success through investments in social networks and educational pursuits.

From business entrepreneurs to Roma sector experts with proven experience running large and small initiatives close to the ground, our team connected and commited to our work and mission. As Americans, Bulgarians, and Roma, we strive to build a diverse team with different perspectives to contribute to the long-term vision of the organization. Although geographically dispersed between Sofia, New York and Washington, D.C., today’s technology has enabled this broad reach to be our strength.

Radostina Chaprazova / Country Director

Radostina (Radost) Chaprazova receives her BA degree in Political science and mass communications at the American University in Bulgaria in 2003. She is currently pursuing an MA in Public management and policies at the Faculty of philosophy of the Sofia university St. Kliment Ohridski.

In 2005 Radost is an intern at the European Commission, DG Employment and social affairs. By 2010 works as an expert at the European Funds for Competitiveness Directorate at the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism and then returns to the NGO sector as part of the Roma Program of the Open Society Institute – Sofia.

More than 15 years Radost is an informal leader in her community and holds various positions in the civil sector as the focus of her work is to mobilize resources and facilitate capacity building among Roma youth, support policy and advocacy initiatives that promote integration and equal opportunities of the Roma.
Radost shares the mission and message of Arete to be the best you can be; reaching your highest human potential. She believes that everyone has their own unique potential, but not everyone gets the chance to develop it, being deprived of support and right direction.

Together with socially responsible partners from the business, educational institutions, NGOs and volunteers of Arete, Radost will commit her work on establishing and sustaining a network of knowledgeable, confident, young leaders and competitive, result-oriented professionals to serve as role models for their Roma community.

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Daniela Adamova / Financial Director

Daniela (Dani) Adamova began her career as a teacher and as a member of a small association for regional development in her home town. She worked with youth leaders, organized extracurricular activities and attended several workshops for NGO Governance and Human Resource Management organized by Institute for Sustainable Communities. She was also an elected member of a City Council for four years where she was part of the budget and education committees.

Dani had worked in a variety of capacities with the Peace Corps Programming and Training Department since 1999 before joining the Arete team. As a Youth Development Program Associate she worked with many Roma NGOs, youth leaders and volunteers throughout the country. In 2005, she had a chance to see first-hand how volunteers and Roma youth leaders were empowering young Roma students at the camp “Forward Together”. She was deeply inspired by the motivation and attitudes of the camp participants. Additionally, Dani’s teaching experience at one of the largest Roma neighbourhoods in the country, Stolipinovo, gave her perspective on the Roma community and an opportunity to learn about Roma culture. Dani has been working in a multi-cultural environment for more than ten years and she believes that the key to success is to keep an open mind and create a positive learning atmosphere.

Many things drew Dani to Arete, mostly her belief of the culture of giving back. She was given many opportunities in life and felt it was time for her to give back by encouraging Roma youth to focus on educational pursuits and to realize the importance of social and professional networks.

In her free time, Dani likes to travel, to dance and to spend time with friends and family.

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Galina Isaeva / Zaedno Napred (Forward Together) Program Manager

Galina Isaeva has a BA degree in Accounting and control from South – West University “Neofit Rilski”, Blagoevgrad. She has worked at the Financial Management Office at the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria and at one of the leading private banks in the country. Galina has solid experience as a volunteer in different Roma organizations. She has participated in several Roma related studies among which – the image of Roma in the BG printed and electronic media– hate speech, discrimination and anti-Roma rhetoric. She is a professional debater with awards from international competitions.

Galina has joined Arete’s team as Zaedno Napred Program Manager in November, 2015. From 2007 to 2011 she was part of the team responsible for the leadership camps “Zaedno Napred (Forward Together)“. Within the camps she has experienced different roles – camp participant, leader of a small group, facilitator. Back then, her inner motivation has always been to encourage and inspire youth to continue their education and become professionals in the area, which they studied or graduated.

As part of the team of the Arete Youth Foundation, Galina will work to help further achieve progress and excellence of “Zaedno Napred” program. With her experience, fresh ideas and enthusiasm Galina will strive towards sustainable “Zaedno Napred” leadership camps. She will not only motivate young Roma to continue their education but will try to highlight the importance of preserving their Roma identity. She believes that this is the steppingstone to self-confidence and courage to become a community leader taking over a personal responsibility. Camps will continue to support the establishment of the new generation of young Roma, role models within and outside their communities, who have knowledge and courage to overcome challenges, who have the critical thinking and personal opinion on Roma related issues, who are willing to contribute and give back to their communities.

Snezhina Slaveva / Educational and Information HUB Program Manager

Snezhina Slaveva is a Program Manager of the Educational and Information Hub Program. The main goal of the program is to increase the number of Roma students who pursue higher education. The program motivates and supports Roma youth to receive an undergraduate and graduate degree and provides information about educational opportunities, educational funding sources and academic mentorship.

Snezhina has joined Areté Youth Foundation’s team to support Roma youth to continue their education, deploy their potential and reach the highest level of development, elaborating their knowledge and skills in an appropriate manner and strong motivation.

Before joining Areté’s team, Snezhina worked as a Project Management Expert in Institute for Labour and Social Research of Personnel Holding AD, where she was responsible for managing programs and projects, writing analyzes, strategies, and handbooks.

For the successful and effective implementation of the responsibilities related to the management of the Educational and Information Hub Program, Snezhina will rely on the experience gained during her internships at the US Embassy of Sofia, National Assembly of Republic of Bulgaria, and Committee on European Affairs and Oversight of the European Funds as well as the Expanding Roma Opportunities through Entrepreneurship Exchange for Roma leaders in the USA.

Snezhina has a Master’s degree in Industrial Management from Technical University in Sofia.

You can contact Snezhina at:

Hristo Hristov / Technical Assistant

Hristo Hristov is a technical assistant of the Arete Youth Foundation. His main role is to provide technical and administrative support in the implementation of the Foundation`s programs Zaedno Napred (Forward Together),Educational and Information Hub and the Roma professional Network.

Hristo completed his secondary education at a language school in Sofia, and at this moment he is among the few students with excellent academic achievements in the Masters` Law Program of the New Bulgarian University..

He helps to his community from an early age and organizes many different initiatives by himself. Hristo has joined the Arete Youth Volunteer Network in 2018. He is an active volunteer and proactively takes part in many seminars among which “Strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations to use anti-discrimination mechanisms” and “Leaders for change”, where he is the only representative of the Foundation.

Together with other students from all over the world he has participated in the Work & Travel USA program for two consecutive summers now.

You can contact him at

Mustafa Mustafa / Communication Expert

Mustafa or Musi, as most know him, takes the position of a Communication Expert at Arete Youth Foundation. Musi will be responsible for presenting the foundation on social media, informing the audience of all the current and future projects the foundation has. Also, Musi will be the person who will take care of the visual presentation of all our stories.

Musi graduated from the American University in Bulgaria in May 2019 with two majors: Business Administration with a concentration Marketing and Journalism and Mass Communication. During his education, he participated in numerous marketing projects, was the main organizer of several major events, such as TEDxAUBG and AUBG Business club conference, and was an active volunteer of the Foundation’s volunteer network.

Musi’s story with Arete begins back in 2012, when he is one of our camp participants. He later joined our volunteer network and in 2013 and in 2018. was also a leader of a small group during the Forward Together camps. Musi has been the coordinator of the volunteer group in the town of Shumen for two consecutive years and together with his team, organized the first multi-ethnic concert in the town of Shumen in 2013, as well as several educational campaigns.

For himself, Musi says that he can often be found attending various conferences and events that develop a person’s personality traits. For him, the mission of helping others through personal example is of a paramount importance, because as the great Mahatma Gandhi said: Be the change you want to see in the world!

You can contact him at